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Protect your money and your property

In order to protect your assets, when selling a property or letting a property, we strongly recommend:

  • You consult a solicitor before and during any purchase or sale of a property
  • That no money changes hands without the involvement of a solicitor
  • Not using cash when paying a deposit for renting or buying. Bank transfers, credit cards and Paypal are the safer traceable options.

Protect yourself and your property

Remember you are potentially meeting with strangers, whether you are showcasing your property or visiting one with a view to buy or rent, so it is vital to be safety and security conscious by considering the following:

  • Make sure you have as much information on your buyers as possible e.g. name, address, email address and telephone numbers. Perhaps store these details as a reference on your phone or via email.
  • Let a friend or family member know you have a viewing. Let them know who the viewing is with and at what time. If possible, have someone with you; two heads are better than one when making a decision on a property or when showing someone round.
  • Always show the prospective buyer or tenant round the property, making sure valuables are securely stored away beforehand.

10 Tips for selling or renting your home

You are more than capable of showing your home to potential buyers or renters. After all, it is your home and who knows it better than you? We recommend you arrange block bookings or an open house day to make good use of your time when arranging viewings and here are a few tips from our property experts to get you on your way:

Tip 1 – Get your property looking tip-top! Make sure everything is clean and well presented. Also tidy up and de-clutter so the buyer can see what space is available.

Tip 2 – Make the place smell amazing! Home cooking and fresh aromas can make it feel inviting. Try brewing fresh coffee, baking fresh bread and/or putting out fresh flowers.

Tip 3 – When showing your home to a family, tell them about the neighbourhood and whether there are other families in the area. Mention the local parks, schools, shops, libraries and any other places that might be of interest.

Tip 4 – When showing your home to a young couple, tell them about the local pubs, bars and coffee shops. Also, let them know how great the transport links are.

Tip 5 – You could compile an information pack to give to any potential buyers to take away with them. Include things like the property’s EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) and information on the council tax band for your home, which they can refer back to later.

Tip 6 – Never rush the viewing, remember these are potential buyers or tenants and you should take your time to showcase the property and fill them in on everything they might want to know about the local area.

Tip 7 – When booking viewings make sure you allow enough time between viewings, around 45 minutes is usually adequate. This helps you to pace yourself and cover everything without feeling rushed and stressed.

Tip 8 – Keep dogs, children and any other distractions out of the way of potential buyers/renters. Not everyone is a dog lover!

Tip 9 – When asked why you are leaving or selling always focus on the positive attributes of your home and its location. Tell them how you loved living here but your life and situation has changed and it is time to move closer to work/ upscale/downscale.

Tip 10 – Make a fantastic first impression, it does count! You could repaint your front door or, at the very least, make sure the fittings look shiny. Your home should look inviting from the moment they arrive and leave them with warmth as they leave.

Keep the chain intact

Communication is key whether you are selling, buying, letting or renting a property. You will need to communicate with your solicitor and all other parties, especially during the moving process, so you always know what stage everyone is at.

Questions you may be asked include:

  • What and where are the transport links?
  • What is the local area like?
  • What are the neighbours like?
  • Are you flexible with the sale/rental price?

Ask friends and family what sort of questions they would ask and practice your answers but try to keep things natural while informative.

We hope you find our tips useful. If you require more information about our free advertising service do check out our FAQs or contact us today and we will get back to you within 24 hours.